Das Solarpunk setting für das Fate RPG

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Welcome to Solarpunk 2050 - a FATE setting

Solarpunk is the friendly and not psychopathic brother of Cyberpunk. People life in harmony with technology, society, nature and spirituality.

The solutions to the world’s problems are implemented - most of them work as expected. There are small and crazy Gardens of Eden, small personal utopias, and lots of curious and strange people.

This world could be so perfect that heroic stories have no place any more. But it’s not. For authors, game masters and players to shine there is one big thing: we are to there yet. Some places might be at one hundred percent Solarpunk bliss. Others need rescue and transformation.There is still the wilderness, a history of dark secrets and more:

  • Three factions have their own interpretation of a sustainable life. None of them is totally wrong
  • James Bond style Evil Overlords from before the transformation still try to control fate
  • A murdered Pope and a unleashed inquisition wanting to turn back time
  • AI controlled cities. Optimized for quality of life of the inhabitants….what could possibly go wrong ?
  • Raw materials are rare materials - gold rush in the old ruins
  • Genetically engineered animals and plants that are out of control
  • Solarpunks still trying to safe the world

This Solarpunk setting helps you to dive into this new world

Development happens in the English version - edition 2.

Sourcebook: Solarpunk 2050 (beta) PDF

This world is still growing. Please help us nurturing it ! Issues.